Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Attention - all hands on deck for CNN's breathless coverage of baby Noor, the hottest cause celeb straight out of the "Why We Fight" file.

When troops from the Georgia National Guard raided a Baghdad home in early December in search of insurgents, they discovered a baby girl with a severe case of spina bifida. Doctors believe she has only a short time to live without medical attention. Their goal now is to get her to Atlanta where a neurosurgeon has promised to perform a delicate operation free. "We ... collectively decided this is going to be our project," said Sgt. Michael Sonen. "If this is the only contribution we have to defeating the war on terrorism, this is going to be it."

Indeed, curing spina bifida may be the best
way to win the War on Terror from the jump seat of an M1A1.

Good work Guardsmen, seriously. Now, if only the 10th Mountain Division would shell Morningside Heights, I might be able to get someone to look into my pesky back aches.

For details, an interview with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, and more little Iraqi munchkins saved by America's divine beneficence, go to CNN. Thinking ahead, the Low Culture* hydra already has a moving list of even more inspirational house calls.

*BTW - LC's last post was the 12th. Have they gone the way of TOTC and the Spinch Dip, or are they simply giving their gallbladders a rest during the holidays?


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