Thursday, February 09, 2006

Billionaire Boys Club

When I was young, I always knew that the weekend block of children's programming was over on PBS when the dot-matrix credits for "Wall $treet Week" rolled out and the craggy visage of Louis Rukeyser took over the screen. Thus did I always associate the question of money markets with the end of happy times and thus did I embark upon a series of choices that led me down the road of almost total financial ignorance. But today's children... well, they live in a greater, wider world:

Soon... children everywhere will have the chance to amass financial wisdom from a cartoon version of the man known as the Oracle of Omaha, Reuters reported yesterday. [Warren] Buffett is going to star in "The Secret Millionaire's Club," a DVD series for children 5 to 12. Produced by DIC Entertainment, with headquarters in Burbank, Calif., and shares listed in London, the 13-title series, featuring the words, voice and likeness of Mr. Buffett, tells of an unscrupulous developer accumulating properties in Omaha and foreclosing on the local youth center. Four children raise money to rescue the center and turn to Mr. Buffett for weekly financial and investment advice. (From Arts, Briefly in the NYT)

Cool, hunh? Like Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo without all the toprocking. God willing, no latchkey kid will ever enter puberty without knowing how to spot an undervalued local utility with a low-price-to-earning ratio.


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