Sunday, September 03, 2006

Behnaz Sarafpour - Totally Working for The Koreans

Proving my bread and butter tain't necessarily three-dollar bill, watch as this news wire comfortably lands between The Military Channel and FTV:
POSTED: 8:47 p.m. EDT, September 3, 2006
LONDON, England
(Reuters) -- German spies hid secret messages in drawings of models wearing the latest fashions in an attempt to outwit Allied censors during World War Two, according to British security service files released on Monday. Nazi agents relayed sensitive military information using the dots and dashes of Morse code incorporated in the drawings. They posted the letters to their handlers, hoping that counterespionage experts would be fooled by the seemingly innocent pictures. But British secret service officials were aware of the ruse and issued censors with a code-breaking guide to intercept them. The book -- part of a batch of British secret service files made public for the first time -- included an example of a code hidden in a drawing of three young models. "Heavy reinforcements for the enemy expected hourly," reads a message disguised as a decorative pattern in the stitching of their gowns, hats and blouses.

"Along the way pointed out by the Great leader,
we will march not sparing our lives... also, fairytale
romance is back with a sexy bang this fall."


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