Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Generation Gap?

My father is 59, a graduate of Yale (where he hung with G.B. Trudeau and various presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle) and Harvard Law, got 1600 on his SATs, taught underprivilaged kids in Boston to avoid the draft, has been a partner at three prestigous law firms, helped draft the first versions of the "Living Will" while doing pro bono work for the GMHC, is a longtime supporter and periodic boardmember of the City Ballet, wears custom-built shoes handcrafted in small, Northern Italian villages, assists in many charitable causes and has summered in the Hamptons since they invented sand.

Here's what he emailed me today:

I have to take this home and read tonite--glazing over now. Call u in the am.

Lovely what the Information Age has done to discourse, no?


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