Tuesday, November 21, 2006

With Baited Breath

Like, we're both into publishing, the internet, youth culture, pink, tearjerker movies and while I never actually read her favorite chick-lit beach book, I Am Charlotte Simmons, but I totally loved Wolfe's other book Diary of a Mad Bride, so like, same thing.

Oh, I can so see it now. We're gonna like full-on relate about being hot and semitic in the magazine world and how people should just grow up and get over their problems with our armhair. We don't complain about you being all fat and ugly do we?

I mean, at least not to your face.

Whateva - me and 'Toos are tots gonna be BFFs! This is gonna be AWSOME!!


* huh, mmm, meh and wow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn it Gabe, I clicked on that last linked and it howled in my office.

Also, good luck with Atoosa. I saw her on the tee-vee.

11:35 AM  

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