Monday, March 27, 2006

Bobblehead Reading Habits

Who do we trust today, the needlessly coy...

Deborah Solomon:
Which magazines do you subscribe to?
Bonnie Fuller: I don't subscribe to any magazines. Subscriptions come too late for me and I am too impatient. I have to get my magazines at the newsstand. [NYTimes Magazine]

or the painfully honest?

Wendy Straker: What's a typical morning like for you?
Mr. Met: I wake up at Shea Stadium, and the first thing I do is read the newspaper. I'm a huge sports fan, obviously, so the first place I go to is the sports section. I read all the papers, including The Post. I am really hoping to make "Page Six" one of these days. I keep checking! [NYPost @Work]

Sunday, March 26, 2006

"This Echo Has a Nerve"

Do you miss college? Do you miss marinating in a heady sauce of ideas and opinions and the joys of unfettered philosophical inquiry?

Dr. Bell prescribes two minutes at, an offshoot of the Columbia University community created by paid (yes, paid) scholars. I guarentee, just one visit will cure all academic nostalgia.*

*Side effects may include rage blackouts, willfull illiteracy and antipathy to anyone wearing elbow patches.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Body Issues

Other than desiring the stature, coordination and stamina to regularly dunk a basketball, the only thing I really want to change about my body is my prominent nipples. Decades of friendly poking and tweaking have left me feeling like some perverse version of Poppin' Fresh.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cellphone Cartoon No. 4

Backlit for a different look.

Cellphone Cartoon No. 3

Just one more for now.

Creepy - and I'm starting to feel bad for the kid.

Cellphone Cartoon No. 2

We're going all "Goodnight and Good Luck" on this muth!

Silver-toned black and white captured on a Motorola v276 - classy.

Cellphone Cartoon No. 1

Perhaps for the first time anywhere, funnypages created barside for digital viewing worldwide.

Amazing the things we can do. No?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Criminal Mastermind

An old friend sent this local blotter item about an equally old friend who, it seems, has fallen on rough times.

KENT — Three people face felony burglary charges after police said they broke into a man's home while he attended his son's funeral earlier this month and stole several rifles and shotguns.

Rachel Thorn, 27, and her husband, Clayton Thorn, 30, both of Richardsville Road, and Daniel O'Connor, 27, of Peekskill Hollow Road were arrested Monday by Detective Gerald Locascio and charged with third-degree burglary.

The three were arraigned before Town Justice Joseph Esposito, who released them without bail and ordered them to appear Dec. 20 in Town Court.

The victim discovered the burglary at his Peekskill Hollow Road home about 2:35 p.m. Nov. 3 after returning home from the funeral of his 32-year-old son, police said. The Thorns and O'Connor live near the victim, although police could not say if they knew the homeowner would be at his son's funeral.

The Thorns have at least one daughter, who was born last November.

Officer Michael Crawford handled the initial call and turned the case over to Locascio. Carmel police assisted in the investigation.

Police allege that the three stole items worth more than $2,300. They included several Winchester rifles, shotguns, ammunition, scopes, an air compressor and two nail guns. Police have recovered most of the items.

(The Journal News)

C'mon Clayton - I know Duchess County living can be rough, but you're better than that. I mean, an air compressor? Really.


"Talking Timbuktu" was pretty much my soundtrack for Fall 1998. It was a pretty relaxed time.

Ali Farka Toure 1939-2006.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Straw Poll

I need your help on this one here, people. Santino Rice: endearingly caustic or loveably hateful?

I mean, yeah, he's both. But if you could only choose one...

Friday, March 03, 2006

...With Sexy Results

In the darkness of my bedroom this morning, I reached for my daily, prescribed X and almost wound up swallowing one of my wholly recreational Ys. Would have made for an interesting day working alongside the CoEds at Columbia.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And Sorry About That Whole Killing Your Saviour Thing Too

Hey, hey - you've got some shmutz on your forehead there. Oh, really? Sorry, I always forget.